Congrats! If you’re reading this, chances are you are about to start searching for a licensed supervisor or are already on the hunt. Remember in grad school when they say “After graduation, be sure to find a site and a supervisor” and it seemed so simple?

Turns out, it’s not always that easy.  

 If you’re feeling lost about finding a good supervisor, here are 3 ways to help you filter and find a supervisor that will compliment you.

1). Ask your colleagues. Ask your classmates and professional connections if they have a referral for an LPC-S/LCSW-S (depending on licensure) and look them up online. Ask someone fully licensed who their supervisor was and their experience with him/her. Get onto an online associtate/intern support group and ask for a referral.

 2). Although the website is generally used for clients seeking a counselor, all clinicians have their supervisor credentials on this site. You can actually filter out clinicians based off location, clients treated, and specialty. It’s also a great way to see their approach in counseling and see a little of their communication style. Some even have videos so you can see what they look like and what their office is like.

 3). Filter out by specialty. Think about the population you are passionate about or would like to lean into as you develop professionally. For example, if you want to work with a supervisor who serves Spanish speaking clients, do an online search for “Spanish speaking professional counselors.” If you would like to treat those struggling with trauma, do an online search for “trauma counselors near me.” Again, although you’re not looking for a counselor, you can follow the same guidelines as though you were. Look for someone who draws your interest then be sure they have the “S” at the end of their credentials. Take a look at their website, how they write, who they treat and where they’re located. Hint- many LPC-Supervisors host supervision in their offices so make sure its convenient.  

Remember most supervisors don’t necessarily market or advertise their supervision services. ALL of the supervisees I have offered supervision to have come through word of mouth referrals and online searches.

Be creative in your search! I guarantee there is a wonderful supervisor out there who will fit EXACTLY what it is you’re looking for. Be picky!