Master Your CEO Mindset:

Solo to Group Practice Program

Are you a solo private practice owners eager to launch and hire their first team member within the next 6 months?

Are you feeling overwhelmed, wanting to grow but unsure where to start? Do you feel unprepared for your first hire, not knowing what’s necessary to begin? You’re not alone.

Our program, “Mastering the CEO Mindset (for Group Practice),” is designed specifically for you. Led by experts with over 7 years of experience each, we help transition your solo practice to a thriving group practice. We’ll filter your existing knowledge for group application and identify key areas for you to implement, ensuring a smooth and successful transition.

Master your CEO Mindset

Join our exclusive program dedicated to transitioning your solo private practice to a group private practice. This program is geared towards mastering the business side of running a thriving group practice. Learn from not just one expert, but TWO!


Program Duration: Runs from July 11th to December 19th [Thursdays at 12 pmEST / 11 amCST].

Delivery Format: Includes virtual meetings, interactive workshops, and access to an extensive information library.

Meeting Schedule: Weekly meetings, each lasting 1 hour.

Cost: $99 per month.

Master your CEO Mindset

What’s included in the program?

Weekly Meetings

Participate in live, interactive sessions held once a week for 1 hour.

Expert Guidance

Receive insights and advice from industry experts on key business topics.

Collaborative Network

Engage with a supportive community of like-minded private practice owners.

Accountability Partnerships

Benefit from structured accountability to keep you on track with your goals.

Actionable Resources

Access tools, templates, and resources to implement business strategies effectively.

Q&A Sessions

Participate in dedicated Q&A segments to address specific challenges and questions.

Recorded Sessions

Access recordings of each session for review and continued learning.

Discussion Forums

Join exclusive online forums for ongoing discussion and networking between meetings.

Weekly Support

Enjoy Voxer support for additional questions and guidance outside of meeting times.

About the Experts

Julia Nepini

Julia Nepini

Owner of Compassionate Counseling Company and Compassionate Consulting Company

Meet Julia Nepini, the driving force behind Compassionate Consulting Company. With over a decade of experience as a therapist and private practice owner of Compassionate Counseling Company, a thriving group practice in Fall River, Massachusetts. Julia is dedicated to helping therapists start their own private practices, expand their teams, and create effective systems for success. Her mission is to empower clients to achieve autonomy, balance, and financial freedom, while also providing strategies for diversifying income within mental health practices. Julia’s passion lies in delivering quality mental health services and supporting professionals in reaching their goals.

Sarah Rivera

Sarah Rivera

Owner of La Luz Counseling and The Counselor's Mentor

Sarah Almendariz Rivera is the owner of La Luz Counseling, a group practice in San Antonio, TX, where she specializes in trauma and anxiety counseling for children, teens, and adults. She also owns The Counselor’s Mentor, a platform dedicated to helping mental health professionals gain confidence in private practice business ownership. Sarah leverages her extensive experience to support clinicians in starting, expanding, and diversifying their practices, ensuring they achieve both personal and professional success.

Master your CEO Mindset

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