Private Practice Support

Private Practice is something you’ve dreamed about for years and consider to be probably the unicorn stage of all licensed mental health professionals. And honestly, it kind of is.

Congratulations, if you’re considering private practice, it’s likely because you’ve spent countless hours and years studying and learning to get to this point. While private practice is a wonderful accomplishment, it’s also a huge responsibility.

Below is the ultimate guide I’ve created to start your private practice. It’s a step-by-step checklist to support you from the business perspective when choosing to start a private practice. Remember, owning a private practice is so much more than being a great clinician. For example, just because you’re a good baker doesn’t mean you should open your own bakery. Private practice is running a fully blown business, from marketing to managing finances. If you’d like to learn the ins and outs of the business from prep steps to launch, follow me here to get more information on the Launch Your Private Practice Training & Accountability Group.

Download Essential Forms


If you're early on in your private practice business and haven't implemented an online software system yet*, you're probably thinking about having the right paperwork for your clients to sign and begin counseling services with you. As you know, the paperwork must be throrough and in full ethical compliance from reviewing your social media and cancellation policy to the new required forms like the Good Faith Estimate. No worries. Save on time and order here. All the forms you need, in one convenient spot- right here!

*Most online software systems (where you store your client records and bill) have modifiable forms. Keep in mind, those forms usually need tons of editing too so be mindful of what documentation you're putting behind your professional name.  

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