“I want to own a Private Practice…I think.”

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Private practice is a wonderful goal, but also a huge responsibility. You want to have your own private practice but aren’t sure where to start or what comes first. Perhaps you have been following national private practice owners through podcasts, articles and books but needs someone local to help make your business a reality.

Below is a step by step checklist of actions to take to launch your private practice. If you need something more tailored, I offer coaching for private practices owners who are ready to launch. You will get step by step things to do and I will outline a business game plan so you don’t have to. 

Private Practice Step By Step Checklist

Below is the ultimate guide I’ve created to start your mental health private practice. It’s a step-by-step checklist from the business perspective when starting your private practice. Remember, owning a private practice is so much more than being a great clinician. If you’d like a classroom setup to learn the ins and outs of the business from prep steps to launch, click here to get more information on the Launch Your Private Practice Training & Accountability Group.


Private Practice Outsourced Partners

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As a solo private practice owner, you can’t expect to do it alone. Trust me, I’m a DIYer at heart too, but it’s important not to tackle business ownership alone. Believe it or not, having a team behind you not only saves you time, but money in the long run too.

Here’s who I recommend for business backend support:

Download Private Practice Client Forms


If you're early on in your private practice business and haven't implemented an online software system yet*, you're probably thinking about having the right paperwork for your clients to sign and begin counseling services with you. As you know, the paperwork must be thorough and in full ethical compliance from reviewing your social media and cancellation policy to the new required forms like the Good Faith Estimate. No worries. Save on time and order here. All the forms you need, in one convenient spot- right here!

NOTE: Once you order any of the forms below and receive them through your email, downloading is available for 30 DAYS with ability to download TWO TIMES. In short, your buy will expire after 30 days and/or after 2 downloads.

*Most online software systems (where you store your client records and bill) have modifiable forms. Keep in mind, those forms usually need tons of editing too so be mindful of what documentation you're putting behind your professional name.  

Are you a podcast listener like me? Take a listen to these folks who talk more about sustaining mental health private practices:

I’m a huge believer in self-education, but learning from someone else can be super helpful too. If you’re needing a classroom-type setting to learn more about business basics, check out the training and accountability page for more about the group The Counselors Mentor offers.


Books On Business

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Much of my major learning happened in two places, but both while reading: books and online articles. Reading books on areas of weakness, which for therapists in private practice is usually all things business, can help tremendously in learning business foundations. Here are a few I have read and recommend:

  • Predictable success
  • Personal MBA
  • Clockwork
  • Fix this Next
  • Radical Candor
  • Profit First
  • Think like a CEO
  • She Means Business



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