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The online training program and mastermind groups are meant to support and inspire mental health professionals. The goal is for your to become a competent and effective entrepreneur. Running a private practice is much more than being a good clinician. You must think and act like a business owner.

Learn things grad school and supervision didn’t teach you about how to launch and grow a successful private practice. I’ve developed 3 different styles of groups to help you- regardless of what business stage you’re in. Whether that is launching a private practice, running a solo practice running a group private practice, or needing some one to one coaching support, I’ve got your back!

– Sarah Almendariz Rivera, LPC-S


SOLO TO GROUP: Virtual program

This exclusive program is designed to transition solo private practice owners into successful group practice leaders. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Develop Your CEO Mindset: Acquire the leadership skills and mindset essential for success.
  • Leadership Essentials: Learn to build a cohesive team aligned with your vision.
  • Sustainable Growth Strategies: Implement strategies for rapid and sustainable growth.
  • Accountability and Insights: Participate in weekly meetings for valuable insights and accountability.


Begins July 11th, 2024 and runs until December 19th, 2024

Meetings: Thursdays at 12 pm EST/11 am CST

Format: Virtual, weekly 1-hour sessions

Cost: $99 per month

Join Us: Connect with fellow practice owners, receive expert guidance, and take your practice to new heights. Click here for more info!

Ready to embark on this transformative journey? Click below to apply for this one of a kind program to prepare you for group practice ownership.

What to Expect from a Mastermind Group

  • 1.5 hr virtual meetings,
  • Days and Times vary (tailored to participant majority),
  • 2 virtual meetings per month,
  • Runs for 5 months at a time,
  • 12 participants max- by interview/ invitation only,
  • Pairing with an accountability partner,
  • 1 year access to a drive with resources and handouts,
  • Copy of all session recordings,
  • Money back guarantee with if you aren’t satisfied within 30 days,
  • In depth teaching of topics like marketing, finances, branding and internal systems to launch and run a successful solo private practice.


This group is designed for solo mental health professionals in Texas who already own their private practice. If you have already launched your private practice, decided on a name, are seeing clients and are up and running your business this group is for you. This group surrounds you with fellow private practice owners who just need a little more support.

The monthly virtual meetings sharpen your business practices and looks at ways to sustain and grow your solo private practice. Each month you are coached by both the Counselors Mentor and your peers on business basics for growing your private practice. Accountability, hot seats and learning from peers is key to this group. You also have direct access to The Counselors Mentor throughout the 5 month group process! Read more on what to expect from a mastermind group HERE. This solo mastermind runs only twice per year! Click the link below to join the waitlist.

Launch Your Private Practice –

Self Paced Online Program

Are you a mental health professionals in Texas wanting to launch your own private practice within the next year? Temporary and fully licensed mental health clinicians are perfect for this program. This on-demand program is a comprehensive video course designed for mental health professionals who are ready to take the next step and open their own private practice but don’t know where to start.

This self-paced program features a series of easy-to-follow, pre-recorded videos, worksheets, and tutorials that guide you through every step of the private practice startup process. From developing your business plan to marketing your practice, we’ll provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to build a successful private practice.

Each video teaches you key concepts and applications for starting and running your private practice. There are 18 videos with bite sized, manageable lessons and homework assignments all unpacked in less than 30 minutes each. We look into topics like selecting a business name, selecting the right internal systems, setting your rates, deciding on insurance types, defining your mission statement, vision and values and plenty more!

This program is perfect for you to work at your own pace and access the information when you can without the pressure of making a scheduled class. Whether you’re a new therapist just starting out or an experienced clinician looking to branch out on your own, with this step-by-step approach, you’ll be able to launch your private practice with confidence and ease.

So if you’re ready to take the leap and start your own private practice, take a look at our courses here and purchase all together or a la carte: Launch Your Private Practice Online Training Program. If you are needing extra documents for clinical and internal paperwork like your Good Faith Estimate and Informed Consent, you can purchase that here too!

The documents and videos available for purchase are designed for the new private practice entrepeneur who simply needs guidance and direction to feel completely confident. These tools will help ensure you’re building your practice on a solid business foundation. Remember, your practice requires planning beyond just being a good clinician. Business concepts and solid foundational systems are key to any successful business.


If you are wanting undivided time to tackle unique and specific goals to launch and grow your solo private practice, The Counselors Mentor offers coaching support. Coaching options are available on 1-2 hour time blocks conducted either in person or virtually. Together the private practice owner and The Counselors Mentor can review key components of the business development including finding the right internal systems, website feedback, highlighting your ideal client, and marketing strategies.

One to one coaching support is best suited for the entrepreneur wanting to launch private practice or is struggling in their first year. You will have direct access to any supportive tools Sarah has used in the success of her own private practice turned group private practice. Receive individaul and unique support and guidance without having to guess as to what steps to make your private practice successful. Have confidence in taking exact cues and guidance from someone who has been there.


This group is for group owners of mental health professionals in Texas who already own and operate their private practice. You have more than one team member and are growing beyond solo work. If you eventually want to pull back from clinical duties to perform more business based operations, this group is for you.

The monthly virtual meetings sharpen your group practices and looks at ways to keep growth for your group private practice. The Counselors Mentor wants your practice to remain sustainable and go into different areas like public speaking, presenting, and writing. Each meeting you are taught by both The Counselors Mentor AND your peers on topics geared towards group ownership. Each group member must be willing to get knowledge as well as give it- SOOO you may be asked to facilitate a group meeting. Accountability, hot seats and learning from peers is key to this group. Read more on what to expect from a mastermind group HERE. This group mastermind runs only once per year! Click the link below to join the waitlist.

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