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“Guidance for mental health professionals on what to do next and how to do it. Graduation, Internship, and Launching a Private Practice- I’ve got you covered.


Is private practice right for me?

How do I prevent burnout?

How much do counselor’s make?

Should I become an LPC supervisor?

How should I network?

Can I work full time and still be present with my family?


How do I find an LPC supervisor?

Why didn’t grad school teach me this?!

How do I get decent pay as an intern/associate?

How do I file all that paperwork?

I think I might be feeling burnout.


I need to interview a counselor in the community for a project.

Do I really want to be a professional counselor?

How much do counselor’s make?

Why didn’t grad school teach me this?

How long does full licensure take?


The mission of The Counselors Mentor is to guide and encourage developing counselors through each step of their professional experience, from grad school to private practice. This space is for mental health professionals who are passionate but feel stuck in the “in between.” My goal is to mentor and inspire developing mental health professionals to be competent, effective and educated in the counseling field. The tips are straight from me, Sarah Rivera, a mental health group practice owner and supervisor who had to learn the hard way about getting through internship, supervision, employment and launching a private practice.

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