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Hi My name is Sarah Rivera. I’m a group private practice owner in San Antonio, Texas. When I’m not running my practice, La Luz Counseling, I help mental health professionals like you become confident with private practice business ownership. I offer training programs and coaching for mental health professionals who want to launch their private practice or just need some extra support in their first few years. If you’re reading this, you’re probably a self-starter and go-getter. That’s great, but just know you don’t have to go at it alone. Find guidance from someone who has been where you are. Get support during your private practice journey from launch to growth.

How the Counselor's Mentor Can Help


🌟 Starting your own private practice can be tough, especially if you're not sure where to begin. πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ Take a look at these resources for new practice owners like you that will walk you through step by step! Learn the basics for a successful business, from clinical paperwork for clients and business basics. Don't waste time ⏲ and money - learn from someone who's been there!Β  Let's make your private practice dream a success!Β 


🌟 Reach. Teach. Inspire. And what's a better place for all that than in front of a crowd? The more, the happier. When folks learn and get inspired fast, they spread that excitement and happiness in no time. Let's spread the good vibes, friends. Lift each other, cheer each other on. Shine bright and be the light! 

🌟 Craving a community of go-getters like yourself? Give that box above a friendly tap! We all have our knowledge gaps. Join our groups to soak up savvy business know-how and share your own wisdom. Team up with fellow business achievers who are as invested in your success as you are. The world needs us. Let's conquer together! πŸ€πŸš€ #eliminatecompetitivemindset

The mission of The Counselor’s Mentor is two fold. The first is to guide and encourage counselors through each step of their professional career, from grad school to private practice. This site is for mental health professionals needing mentor for the β€œin between” stage.Β Going from student to employee can be tough; as can be the transition from non-profit to private practice. I’m here to guide on the “how to” of how to get to 6 figures and stay there.Β 

My second goal is to reach, teach and inspire the community with mental health support and training. The tips are straight from me, Sarah Rivera, a mental health group practice ownerΒ and supervisor who has a zest to inspire growth in any person. The Mentor’s mission is to prompt professional development through supervision, consultation, community support, speaking engagements, and support to launch a private practice.

Learn How to Launch Your Private Practice

🌟 Hey there, mental health pros! This site’s your guide for that in-between career phase. While I love the clinical supervision period, owning a private practice comes in a strong second. I can recall the unexpected hurdles when I kicked off my solo practice back in 2017 and want to show you what I’ve learned. Let’s conquer those challenges together! πŸ”πŸ€—πŸš€

Learn from my private practice slip-ups. Avoid the same mistakes with my budget-friendly solution: the Launch Your Private Practice Online Program. It is a self-paced video program and outlines STEP BY STEP exactly what you need to do when starting your mental health practice.Β Imagine that private practice checklist πŸ“ supercharged with video modules, referral partners, visuals, and handy downloadable worksheets. Plus, a stash of useful links to power up your progress! πŸš€πŸ“šπŸŽ₯πŸ”—

You don’t have to have a DIY mentality- let me help you build your private practice successfully from the start. Take a look at what to expect HERE for FREE.

Find Out What’s New

There’s always so much going on with The Counselor’s Mentor. So if you’re looking to get some quick insight into what’s new, take a look below. For detailed info on where Sarah is heading next, be sure to follow her on LinkedIn and her newsletter for added bonuses and invite to special occasions!

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"Very energetic and well thought out professional."

SO. MANY. THINGS. Where do I even start? Sarah needs to have a podcast or at least be interviewed on someone’s podcast. She is amazing!

Work/Life Harmony: Post Presentation Survey

"Engaging, Reveling, Profound."


I loved everything about Sarah, her personality and teachings!

-Rubi, Getting Unstuck LUXE Summit

"Comforting, Understanding, Friendly"


I liked that she interacted with us, it wasn’t just a lecture it was an open conversation.

– Gamma Phi Post Presentation Survey

"I know I can count on her for insight and support"

As I prepared to open up my own private practice, Sarah was incredibly helpful in easing my fears (I HAD MANY). She was able to walk me through some of the most stressful parts in detail, such as the financial considerations, keeping the business, secure, and what to keep in mind when marketing the business. She is helpful in and out of the consultation meetings.

– Alyssa Martinez, Owner of Crystal Mind Counseling

"I wouldn't have gotten it anywhere else."

The type of support Sarah offers is phenomenal. [Her] support and knowledge is appreciated. I know I wouldn’t have gotten that anywhere else”

– Dr. Jacqueline Contreras, participant of Launch Your Private Practice Training Group


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