Mentorship for Graduate Students

CONGRATS! You’ve made it to upper education. Maybe you’re the first in your family to go to college, or maybe you’re working towards your second career. Either way, well done-you’re doing it!

You’ve been pushing towards your degree completion and you’re almost there. But maybe there are times you doubt your choice and what your next steps are. Deep breath. It won’t be easy. Whether you’re pursuing your bachelors degree, masters or doctorate- it will be tough. But let’s think about your odds- You’ve been through 100% of the tough stuff so far.

Sarah loves meeting graduate students and helping them complete various assignments and projects. That usually comes in the form of an interview your school has you complete with a local mental health professional. Whether that’s speaking generally to “a day in the life of a counselor” or more specifically for dissertations or data support, Sarah can help.

If you’re further along into your academic career and are considering taking your NCE and becoming a licensed mental health counselor, take a look at the checklist below for step by step guidance on how to apply for your LPC-associate license in Texas.

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Here is a simple checklist on how to go about obtaining an LPC associate license if that’s what’s next on your list. This step by step checklist is modified based on the information found on the Behavioral Health Executive Council webiste on how to obtain your LPC associate license in Texas. It can be an overwhelming time when considering how to get your LPC associate license, but it doesn’t have to be. Start here. 


If you’ve got an assignment to interview a counselor in your community but aren’t sure where to start, I can help. I remember that assignment too and enjoy donating my time to help you complete your school assignment.

Mentorship Towards Associate Licensure

Congrats on graduating grad school!!! You’re one step closer to those extra letters on the back of your name. You’ve put in the hours during school and you’ve earned your title of mental health professional. Perhaps you’ve decided to go for your PhD or maybe focus on getting fully licensed- either way, the experience you receive now is incredibly important.

Now it’s time to leave academia behind and find yourself a supervisor! While this can seem daunting, it doesn’t have to be. Take a look at these blogs for some help in how to find a supervisor, what questions to ask, and what you should be looking for in a supervisor:

LPC- Supervision is one of Sarah’s all time favorite things to be part of. The Counselors Mentor has overseen lpc-associates since 2016 and has enjoyed every minute. If you want to find out is Sarah is taking on new associates, email the counselor’s mentor here with questions!

LPC Supervision

Sarah is an LPC Supervisor who offers LPC supervision for Texas LPC associates. She offers group, individual and triadic supervision options for each associate each and every month. Supervisees are selected on a first come, first serve basis. Sarah only hosts up to 10 associates at one time and is open to having associates are seeking a second supervisor or whoa re looking to transition to a new supervisor. 


Sarah is an LPC-S who believes in sharing as much information as possible. She has interviewed students and newly graduated associates who have questions about what comes next in their career. From how to find a supervisor, to what questions to ask a potential supervisor, The Counselors Mentor blog has you covered.

Support During the In-Between

(grad school and supervision)

Mentorship During License Upgrade

You’ve completed 3,000 hours and you’ve received your full licensure, and now you’re on your own!!! No more supervision. No more counting hours. No more supervision meetings. What an amazing feat! So why do you still feel overwhelmed and uncertain?

If you’ve landed a site that you absolutely love and want to stay on for more- that’s amazing. Get that salary increase and get on with it. BUT for the rest of us, once academia and supervision is complete, you’re just thankful the hour count has ended and you can move on without the associate site chains. This can either be incredibly freeing OR very, very intimidating.

If you’re fully licensed and still need extra support you’ve come to the right place. I meet with mental health professionals for consultation support and guidance towards next steps. If you’re considering launching your own private practiceDO IT!

But do it with the right support and tools. Did you know over 50% of small businesses fail within the first 2 years!? Don’t fall victim to those numbers. The Counselor’s Mentor created a unique self-paced, online program called Launch Your Private Practice Program. It has easy to follow video tutorials of how exactly to start a solo private practice. The course will have you feeling confident in your business model, marketing strategy and financial awareness. Find more information here.

Consultation/ Coaching

Find mentorship over coffee. Consult with Sarah to sort through your next steps, staff a case, receive guidance towards private practice or help with any “in between” stage. Through Coaching you will gain quick solutions and actionable steps to level up. This is NOT counseling; ask questions and get answers. No processing here!

Private Practice

Learn how to start and grow your private practice. Skip the mistakes I learned the hard way and grow a thriving private practice. Receive step by step guidance from 18 different video modules. You don’t have to do it yourself. Invest into yourself today with a cost effective solution: Launch Your Private Practice Online program.


Find helpful information on ways to create and grow a thriving private practice- all while keeping harmony personally and professionally. If you’ve got a burning question about the mental health industry, chances are other do to. Reach out to me directly for an answer if you can’t find it here. Read. Educate yourself. This should be easy for you seeing you are an academic at heart 😉

The Counselors Mentor Fees


Recieve mentorship to determine next steps in the counseling profession. If you’re uncertain what direction to go during the in-between stage, The Counselors Mentor can help. One hour coaching calls are available either virtually or in person at Sarah’s office in North Central San Antonio, Texas. Cost for services are:

1 hour session- $298.00


LPC supervision is available on a first come, first serve basis. Sarah only offers supervision for associate hopefuls in and around the San Antonio area. She does not employ any of her lpc associates in her group practice. Supervision is available for individual and group each month.

Individual rate- $85.00/hr

Triadic/Group rate- $75.00/hr


If you know your next step involves being your own boss in private practice, click here to start that journey now. Sarah has decreased the course price by over $1,000 to allow you to purchase the self-paced program without the financial pressure. Launch Your Private Practice Online now!

Bundled Launch Forms and Videos Course- $1,110.00 NOW $897.00 



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