Speaking Engagements

The Counselors Mentor core values are to reach, teach, and inspire. In an effort to reach and teach on a grander scale, I have made efforts to speak in community events, forums, conferences and symposiums throughout the year.

My goal is to take mental health conversations outside of the one to one dynamic in the counseling office, to a teaching and interactive dynamic in the community. I have spoken to both small and large groups about the importance of various topics related to mental health awareness such as burn out, boundaries, communication, resiliency, esteem building, and so much more.

Mental health support of others does not have to be limited to only the mental health profession. I am truly humbled to see how many businesses and organizations are willing to have real talk conversations about the challenges we may face emotionally and mentally.

Many groups within the community have graciously offered me an opportunity to guest speak in settings such as troops with Girl Scouts, high school career days, and to college sororities. I’ve also had the opportunity to speak to larger business corporations such as Keller Williams groups, wellness symposiums and a women’s business conference.

Through presentation and facilitation, my hope is to explain complex mental health concepts into tangible, real life, actionable things people can take away and begin applying immediately after learning.

I would be honored to serve alongside you and your team to spread mental health knowledge and inspire hope about emotional and mental healing.

Sarah Almendariz Rivera, LPC-S
11707 Orsinger Lane, SATX 78230

Email sarah@laluzcounseling.com

Address: 11707 Orsinger Lane San Antonio, TX 78230

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