Sarah Rivera, LPC-S

I started the Counselors Mentor to help reach, teach and inspire mental health professionals at any stage of their career. Whether that’s next steps finding a clinical supervisor or opening up your private practice doors. If you’re concerned about what’s next and the support from your loved ones is helpful but not quite enough, I can help. I help mental health professionals gain clarity of their career choices and when it’s time for a change or to level up.

When I think back to all the things I wish I had throughout my career, there’s a theme of missing mentorship. I didn’t know the power of having a mentor and seeking out guidance from someone who has walked through the footsteps I was just beginning. I did SO much on my own. And while successful, the amount of hours lost and consumed are countless.

I want to help you avoid wasting time. It’s time to invest into yourself! We will meet virtually or in person for consultation support to decide what your next best move is. I will walk alongside you and offer you resources, worksheets, and informationals to support your decision. 

Don’t wait until you’re completely overwhelmed, burned out or stressed. Email me today!

I would be honored to serve alongside you and your team to spread mental health knowledge and inspire hope about emotional and mental healing.

Sarah Almendariz Rivera, LPC-S
11707 Orsinger Lane, SATX 78230


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11707 Orsinger Lane San Antonio, TX 78230

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