Asking the right questions during a supervisor interview is crucial to ensure a productive and harmonious relationship. The goal of the supervision interview is for the potential supervisee to be the interviewer- not the other way around. As an assocate-hopeful, choosing a supervisor is one of the first major decisions regarding your clinical license and one to take your time in doing.

Here are some suggestions for questions that can help you gain a deeper understanding of your potential supervisor and his/her supervisory style during the interview process. 

  1. “How do you handle conflicts or disagreements between a supervisor and supervisee?” This question gives you insight into how the supervisor approaches challenging situations and maintains a healthy working relationship.
  2. “Can you share a specific example of a supervisee you’ve mentored who experienced significant growth? How did you contribute to their development?” This question helps you understand their success stories and how they actively support the growth of their supervisees.
  3. “How do you ensure a balance between support and challenging your supervisees?” This question helps you understand their approach to providing both encouragement and constructive feedback, which is crucial for your growth.
  4. “How do you tailor your supervision to different learning styles and levels of experience?” This question helps you understand if they can adapt their approach to your unique needs.
  5. “What are your expectations for both of us?” Clarify their expectations and ensure you’re aligned in terms of responsibilities and commitments.
  6. “Can you share a bit about your own professional journey and how it informs your approach to supervision?” Learning about their background can help you understand their perspective and guiding principles.

Remember, it’s a two-way street. Just like you’re looking for a good match, the supervisor is also figuring out if their mentoring style suits you. As you explore these questions, get ready to chat about your goals, what you expect, and how dedicated you are to the profession and your development.

Finding your perfect supervision fit might take time and a few chats, but trust me, it’s a journey that’s totally worth it. A great match can really boost your growth, make learning exciting, and put you on a path to success and confidence in the industry.

So, when you step into those interviews, be confident! Bring questions that help you understand personalities, match your learning style, and connect with your career goals. Here is a list of a few more questions if you’d like to take a peek! Let your supervisor journey be a transformation, where the chemistry of being a good fit sparks excellence to life. If you’re looking for a supervisor and would like to set me up with an interview, email me today!