Analysis Paralysis.

Just look at those two words alone- I bet you can figure out what it is. Metaphorically, analysis paralysis is defined as the mental inability to make a decision due to the overwhelming possibility of options, resulting in no decision being made at all. This blog will review negative mindset number 2 when considering opening up your private practice.

Entrepreneurs plagued with analysis paralysis will often stop their business from launching during the dreaming stage. Although the idea of opening up your very own private practice has been the “Hey look mom, I made it!”- level, you grow overwhelmed at the amount of options before you. You overanalyze, re-analyze, and analyze all things private practice to the point of unintentionally putting off decision making and subsequent actions. Even if you are a natural “second guesser” when it comes to large decisions or making a choice, analysis is the same concept, but on steroids. You don’t just second-guess yourself, but third guess and fourth guess and fifth guess yourself to the point no decision is made at all.

With over-analysis, there is constant doubt and fear of making the wrong decision. As a result, you may grow immobilized mentally for fear of what negative consequences your decision can create. One of the biggest fears is simply “Making the wrong choice.” You may also be the chronic “procrastinator” but much like the second-guesser, analysis paralysis is a procrastinator 6.0 version. A procrastinator will eventually make a decision and complete a task, albeit at the very last minute. With analysis paralysis there is forever postponing, in essence placing the need to make a decision at the back of the mind, rather than the forefront, for an infinite amount of time.

The danger with analysis paralysis is it may appear to work. You know, “Out of sight, out of mind… one day I’ll get there.” Many have fearful thoughts such as “What if I can’t generate clients,” “What if I go into debt” and most dangerously “What if my private practice fails?” While understandable, this type of thinking can create overwhelming, anxiety provoking, decision-paralyzing fear. If you are considering opening up a private practice, but are struggling with analysis paralysis, you aren’t alone. 

Don’t overanalyze whether opening up a private practice could be a good option for you. Swing into action, educate yourself, and gain business awareness. There are groups and private consultations being offered right now for mental health entrepreneurs. The Counselors Mentor, Sarah Rivera (aka me) actually created a special group for entrepreneurs called “Launching Your private Practice” so we can debunk and dispel myths around opening up your own private practice, and gain practical knowledge and information about how to begin and run a business. Find out more here!