There’s this terrible misconception that counselors only make money in private practice when there is a client sitting across from them. There’s a saying that if there’s no butt in the seat, there’s no money in the wallet. Same goes for your full-time job- you’re not making money unless you’re actually at your place of business. But did you know, there are other ways for counselors to generate money? Another way for counselors to increase their revenue? It’s called a side hustle.

There are different terms thrown around, some call it additional income or secondary income, but I just call it hard work and hustle. For me, this is my side hustle- The Counselors Mentor. I enjoy educating, teaching and serving so I turned that into counseling but also went beyond. I now make money through direct client contact as well as through LPC supervision, business consultation, business ownership and public speaking engagements.

There are tons of ways to make money as a professional clinician- creating webinars, developing CEUs, offering training courses, creating curriculum, teaching billing, consultation, blog writing, and book writing to name a few. If you really want to get into major moneymaking, look into passive income. This blog isn’t going to focus on that, but if you’ve got some time, keep an eye out here to learn more. Let’s just say it’s mind blowing (it’s about making money without expelling energy every time).

Needless to say, don’t believe the myth that being a professional counselor will never generate competitive revenue. I’m a firm believer that all clinicians have the capacity to make six figures. It doesn’t come overnight, and honestly it can take years. But don’t believe the lie that “You’re not in this profession to make money”- because I know different. 

With a solid direction, a good business model, and grit, I know you can do it. If you’d like more support in how to do so, reach out to me for a consult. I would be more than happy to help walk with you through that.