Congrats!!! You’re one step closer to those extra letters on the back of your name. You’ve put in the hours and you’ve earned your title of intern/associate. Perhaps you’ve decided to go for your PhD or maybe just focus on you licensure- either way, the experience you receive now is incredibly important. This page is dedicated to helping you navigate and receive accurate and helpful information as you gain direct hours towards full licensure. Feel free to email the counselor’s mentor with questions!


Click here for some easy reads on how to navigate your internship, how to find a supervisor, what questions to ask, how to find a site that pays, and how to network now.


Sarah is an LPC-S who offers options for group, individual and triadic supervision. Supervisees are selected on a first come, first serve basis. Sarah only hosts up to 10 associates at one time.


Here is a simple checklist on what to do if you’re considering LPC associate licensure. A step by step list of what you need to do to receive your LPC-associate license.