Launch Your Private Practice Training & Accountability Group

When beginning my own private practice, it was very lonely and isolating. The vast majority of the groundwork I did to start my private practice was done completely independently. I had no support, accountability, or encouragement outside of my loved ones. While yes, your loved ones are a tremendous source of support (I hope) the truth is you are now a business owner.  Being a business owner is a completely different game and stage compared to being a licensed mental health professional solely.

I remember what this journey felt like when I was by myself. I often questioned am I doing this right? What if I open my doors and no one comes? What if I don’t have enough income to make ends meet this month? What if I don’t get clients?

These are real and true concerns. For some, the questions above are debilitating and can completely paralyze dreams.  For others, the idea of running your own business is overwhelming and leaves you with the sense you are an imposter to even think you could have your own practice. Yes, imposter syndrome is still a thing even at the private practice level.

That’s why this program was born, launching and starting your private practice training and accountability group. It is exactly as it sounds, it is a training and accountability group with other like-minded professionals who are in the exact same stage as you. All are looking to launch a private practice with good business foundational principles but aren’t quite sure how or when to start. 

This group has nothing to do with being a good clinician and everything to do with being a good business owner. Everything taught in this course involves business concepts as best I’ve learned it. While I don’t claim to be a business guru, I have learned a lot of things the very hard way. I’ve made many mistakes and had many failures. If you can avoid these because of what you’re taught, not only will time in hours be saved but money as well.

Next Training and Accountability Group Begins 2023

Here’s what participants are saying about the course so far. 


What to Expect

• 1.5 hr virtual meetings,
• Days and Times TBD,
• 2 virtual meetings per month (total of 3 hours per
• Runs for 5 months at a time,
• 10 participants max- by interview/ invitation only,
• Pairing with an accountability partner,
• Life time Access to resources,
• In depth teaching of topics like marketing, finances,
branding and internal systems to launch and run a
successful solo private practice.
*Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back

A Word From the Counselor’s Mentor

Sarah Almendariz Rivera, LPC-S, owner of La Luz Counseling, LLC

“I am running this group to rain and inspire developing counselors to be competent and effective private practice owners. Running a private practice is much more than being a good clinician. You must be a business owner! Here you can learn things grad school and supervision didn’t teach you about how to run a successful business. I’m here to keep things real and teach you what I learned the hard way.”


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